Resources for Ageless Women over 50

Know Your Rights

We all know, knowledge is POWER.  Familiarize yourself with the federal Age Discrimination Employment Law (ADEA) protects people who are 40 years old and older, you are protected from age discrimination by the law, and it's extremely important to understand it.

Find Local Career Infulencer

Career Influencers assist the IAC participants in locating strong qualified talent pool in that geographic region. 

Value Proposition

You've worked hard at your success.  Keeping a journal of your business contributions is key when wanting to go into your next chapter.  You have Value!

Millennial & Gen Z Alliance

Entrepreneurial minded?  The alliance with a  Millennial or Gen Z might possibly turn that idea or hobby floating around in your head and needs a modern twist.  

Everyone Wins! 

Power Lunch

The Power  luncheon is designed for resource sharing and networking with local, regional and national  influencers.  

Business Partnerships

THG seeks respectful business partnerships who are interested in our unique ageless talent pool.