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THG is one of the premier HR consulting firms in Atlanta focused exclusively on diversity, equity, inlusion, and workplace engagement.

The Humanity Group | Harassment Prevention Training
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Harassment Prevention Training

Work Shouldn’t Hurt

Get Essential Strategies To Prevent Workplace Harassment

Discover how to promote a harassment-free workplace using our customized training programs.

Employee Harassment Prevention Training Options

Psychological Harassment Prevention

Victims of psychological harassment often feel put down and belittled on a personal level, a professional level, or both. The damage to a victim’s psychological well-being often creates a domino effect, impacting their physical health, social life, and work life. Help employees identify this damaging behavior and understand its negative outcomes.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Participants learn how unconscious bias undermines diversity and inclusion, effective decision-making, collaboration, and management, and motivates them to engage in specific, effective behaviors that create more effective leaders, more productive teams, and a more inclusive organizational culture.

Age-Based Harassment Prevention

There are many negative stereotypes associated with other workers. Unfortunately, this harassment is sometimes an attempt to wrongfully push the individual into early retirement. In this training, employees learn to identify behaviors associated with age-based harassment and the corrective actions to take to prevent an occurence.

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Executive Leadership Harassment Prevention Training Options

Breaking the Code of Silence

In our signature program, Breaking the Code of Silence, our trainers instruct enterprise leaders on the high cost of workplace bullying and what they can do to protect their companies from legal fees, lost profits, and settlements.