The Humanity Group

THG is one of the premier HR consulting firms in Atlanta focused exclusively on diversity, equity, inlusion, and workplace engagement.

The Humanity Group | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Bias Training
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Make Your Workplace More Engaging

Learn How We Can Help

You can make your organization a more supportive place to work by understanding the institutional and psychological processes that impact the ways people interact with each other. Our training program teaches participants how to recognize and counter unconscious bias while creating a supportive culture. 

Training is tailored to support the varied roles within each company. Find the program that’s right for your organization’s team member or executive leadership level.

DEIB Employee Training Options


The continuous practice of advancing a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive, and conscious actions that benefit others.

Managing Unconscious Bias

Participants learn how unconscious bias undermines diversity and inclusion, effective decision-making, collaboration, and management, and motivates them to engage in specific, effective behaviors that create more effective leaders, more productive teams, and a more inclusive organizational culture.

Understanding Anti-Racism 

This training is designed to deepen people’s awareness around racism, anti-racism, and how both show up in professional contexts and society, and to spark reflection around how individuals, teams, and organizations can take meaningful action rooted in anti-racism.

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DEIB Executive Leadership Training Options

Inclusive Leadership

Equip leaders with the skills they need to build and sustain an inclusive culture: we facilitate a discussion on key barriers to inclusion that leaders have a unique opportunity to influence, and specific leadership behaviors that establish inclusive norms and drive equitable outcomes.


This class prepares employees inside your organization to deliver courses on cultural diversity awareness.  Each training team will co-train with a consultant and will be observed by a consultant before being certified to train alone.

Understanding Microagressions

Although overt acts of discrimination have decreased, subtle forms of discrimination continue to exist in the forms of unconscious bias and microaggressions.  These acts continue to put companies at risk for lawsuits.  This presentation will help persons responsible for regulatory and legal requirements to recognize the various forms of microaggressions in the workplace.